Welcome to the City of Casper, Wyoming


Course Information

The Casper Municipal Golf Course consists of 3, 9 hole courses.  With 27 holes of play, we offer a unique and continually challenging course.  View our recent drone fly over videos to get a peek at each hole.

Park Course (Green Flags)
Highlands Course (Orange Flags)
Links Course (Yellow Flags) 

The Park Course

 Park #1  

A 350 yard par 4 that doglegs right.  Keep your tee shot aimed to the left (so you don’t find yourself out of bounds) allowing for a good approach shot to the green.  The green is guarded by 2 large sand traps, but once on this flat green your chance to walk away with a birdie is good. 



 Park #2

Downhill par 3 where club selection is key. A well hit low shot can set you up very nicely to run your ball up to the putting surface. A two tiered green makes any approach shot from behind the green very difficult as well as a difficult putt when the flag is on the back of the green.



 Park #3

Straight par 5 that is tree lined down the right side. If you get behind these trees, your score could sky rocket quickly as you try to get yourself to the safety of the fairway. A crowned green that can make rolling puts from any angle a challenge.



 Park #4

A second par 5 with a dogleg right and long uphill second shot. With other holes running along this hole, there are plenty of safe areas to land your drive...just be ready to yell “FORE” if you venture off the fairway. Very large, elevated, and flat green gives the opportunity to celebrate making a long putt.



 Park #5

Many locals will tell you this is the hard hole on the course to score on. A par 4 with a strong dogleg left with out of bounds running the entire left side of the rough. Long hitters can try to “cut the corner” but it’s a risk. Green is very difficult and slopes hard from left to right; be very careful with your approach shot.



 Park #6

360 yard par 4 with a dogleg to the right. A tee shot too far right will leave you in #4 fairway and having to clear trees to get to the green.  With this green, looks can be decieivng and the break is more than it appears so make sure you pay extra attention when you’re lining up your putt.  



 Park #7

A long uphill Par 3, plan to club up one or two clubs to get to the green. Green slopes hard in the middle towards the front. A tee shot or approach shot that doesn’t make the back half of the green has a chance to roll off.



 Park #8

Elevated tee box on this short and straight Par 4, gives you a good look at the target area you want to land your ball. A solid drive leaves you an easy shot at hitting the large green in regulation.



 Park #9          

Elevated green with 2 bunkers on this 150/160 yard Par 3 makes your shot into the green a bit more challenging. Green is 2 tiered with the right side being the high side. A tee shot on the correct tier and a birdie isn’t out of the question.



The Highlands Course

Highlands #1   An elevated tee box gives direct line of site to the green on this 420 yard par 4. A wayward tee shot to the left will leave you in native rough and could make for a much tougher hole. The green is very large and flat, giving you ample opportunity to reach the green in regulation.    
Highlands #2 Playing from the blue or white tee box, you will need to make sure that your aim is on as you will be cutting over the corner of the lake.  With a limited amount of irrigated rough lining the fairways you can quickly get yourself into trouble.  A 2-tiered green sloping from back to front and left to right can make putting very tricky on this hole.  Keeping the ball below the hole is a must.      
Highlands #3 A par 3 with a very small green that slopes hard right to left. 
There is plenty of irrigated rough and a shorter mowed approach that can give you a good approach shot if you don’t make it to the green from the tee. 
Highlands #4 You will be hitting up the hill on this dog leg right Par 4.  Don’t push the ball too far right off the tee box, as the right side is lined with
out-of-bounds.  A long flat green will give you a chance to roll one in
from any distance.
Highlands #5 A long (especially from the blue tee box) straight par 5.  Hitting
the ball long and straight, you can certainly find yourself looking at a birdie putt.  Right side is lined with trees and out of bounds stakes. 
Green is slightly domed but the break isn’t excessive.
Highlands #6  A 500 yard par 5 that has hazards everywhere.  The tee shot is downhill with native rough on the right as well as out-of-bounds.  A creek separates 2 fairways, but only the longest of the long drivers will reach it from the tee box.  The second fairway is an uphill shot to the green with bunkers on the right and left and a large bunker protecting the front and back of the green.  Green has a second tier on the right side, if the flag is on that tier you’ll have a tough putt.    
Highlands #7 Short uphill par 4, without many obstacles until you reach the
green.  If you're worried about not being able to clear the hazard that is
in front of the tee boxes, there is a tee box on the other side of the
hazard.  Once on the green, you will see how everything rolls to the
middle and front of the green, making for a tough putt depending on the hole location.
Highlands #8 1 of 2 long par 3’s to finish up the Highlands Course, you will hit your tee shot over the creek to a small green. There is a large approach in front of the green if you can’t get your tee shot all the way to the green. Left side of the green is flat but the right side slopes from back to front right side.    
Highlands #9  200 yard finishing Par 3, with green side bunkers on the left and right side of the green. Green has three tiers, with the front being low side and right side being the high side. A birdie on this finishing hole is job well done!    

The Links Course

Links #1        

This par 4 has out of bounds running the entire length of the hole on the right side, as well as 2 fairway bunkers that can snatch your ball if you push it right. 2 tiered green with the front being the high side.



Links #2

One of the best views in Casper is from these elevated tee boxes, but make sure you are concentrating on your drive and not the views. Very tricky hole as most of the fairway slopes hard to the right. Even a well hit drive can trickle down into the rough, long hitters will have a chance to reach the green off the tee. Green can be tricky with undulations that make a good read a priority.



Links #3

The hole is not long and the wide fairway is inviting. The elevated narrow green however can deceive. A good chance for birdie here as long as you can get your drive up and down.



Links #4

Another elevated tee box, with a very wide fairway that makes you want to grip it and rip it, just watch the fairway bunker on the right and too far left you’ll be out of bounds. A creek separates the 2 fairways, you might have to lay up if your drive wasn’t smashed. The elevated tiered green is protected by 3 bunkers.



Links #5

200 yard par 3 with a kidney bean shaped green that slopes from back to front with a lower tier on the right side. Don’t hit over the green unless you enjoy very challenging return shots!



Links #6

3 fairway bunkers make drive placement key, a shot hit too far right will leave you hitting an approach shot from number 7 tee box! Another kidney been shaped green that slopes from back to front.



Links #7

Par 5 with wide undulating fairway, protected with a bunker on the right and a pond on the far left. 2 green side bunkers on the left can save a shot from the water hazard on a misplaced second or third shot. Middle crowned green that can make putts difficult, make sure you get your speed right.



Links #8

Keep your drive on the right side of the fairway here for your best chance to score. Large bunker on the front left of the green, usually eliminates the ability to roll the ball onto the green. A large drop off on the left side of the green will make for a difficult putt if you find yourself in this area.



Links #9

Straight forward par 3. Greenside bunker on the left and out of bounds behind the green. The green will reward you with a putt if you hit the correct tier.