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Junior Golf Program 2024

The game of golf can be many things; amusing, frustrating, challenging, addicting, comical, and sometimes maddening. Yes, golf can take on many different characteristics, which makes it such a great sport! We are excited to continue our Junior Golf Program here at Casper Municipal Golf Course, and look forward to growing the game through the next generation of golfers.


The Muni’s golf staff would like to welcome everyone for an exciting education and fun golf experience. Our goal is to provide a fun, safe, and exciting atmosphere while upholding the rules and etiquette of this great game. Throughout the six-week program we will emphasize rules, etiquette and the fundamentals of all aspects pertaining to golf. We encourage parent/ legal guardian participation at our clinics. The Junior Golf Program will be every Thursday for six-weeks and is for students 5-17. To provide a top-level golf clinic we ask that kids be on their best behavior for the hour they are here at the golf course. Our program will be on a first come first serve basis in which the first 20 kids will secure a spot. The following is the 2023 schedule for our Junior Golf Camp. Please keep in mind you will sign up for either Beginner, intermediate and advanced. Below are recommendations for each category so see where your child might fall into.


Thursday Clinic Starting Times and Price

Beginner Class- Those Jr. Golfers that are just getting into the game and don’t know the basic swing mechanics.

Intermediate Class- Those Jr. Golfers that are accustomed to the game of golf but may not know all of the swing mechanics, only a few of them.

Advanced Class- Those Jr. Golfers that know all basic swing mechanics but need help improving on them and diving deeper into how those mechanics effect the swing.

**Head Golf Professional is willing to make recommendations if you are unsure of which class to put them in or after the first clinic if legal guardians are okay with it**



8:00AM-9:00AM                       Beginner Class                                          $125 Per Golfer

9:30AM-10:30AM                     Intermediate Class                                     $125 Per Golfer

11:00AM-12:00PM                     Advanced Class                                         $125 Per Golfer



Beginner Class

Intermediate Class

Advanced Class

June 22, 2023

Grip, Stance, Posture

Chipping and Pitching

Chipping and Pitching

June 29, 2023




July 6, 2023

Chipping and Pitching

Pre-Shot Routine/ Full Swing

Swing Plane, Rotation of Golf Ball

July 13, 2023

Introduction to Full Swing

Full Swing

Pre-Shot Routine/ Full Swing

July 20, 2023

Full Swing

Transferring Practice to Course/ Course Knowledge

Transferring Practice to Course/ Course Knowledge

July 27, 2023

Rules of Golf

Rules of Golf

Rules of Golf



Clothing must be worn in a neat and respectable manner at all times.  

Proper attire for Junior Golf includes:
Shorts must be no shorter than mid-thigh
Shirts are required.
Non-metal spike shoes or athletic shoes must be worn at all times.

Improper attire includes, but is not limited to:
Cut-offs, bathing suits, derogatory clothing and sayings


Juniors participating in the Junior Golf Program are expected to practice honesty and uphold the integrity of the game of golf.  Juniors are the future of golf and will behave within the following guidelines at all times. Although we will not be conducting play days on the golf course we will still be hitting, chipping and putting throughout the clinic sessions in which the following rules apply. 

The USGA Rules of Golf shall govern all play.
A (2) stroke penalty may be assessed every time a participant leaves trash or fails to pick up trash at Casper Municipal Golf Course.
A (2) stroke penalty may be assessed every time a participant fails to replace a divot or repair a ball mark.
A (2) stroke penalty for negative attitude on the golf course 
Obvious and subsequent violations will result in disqualification.
Any conduct that is detrimental to the Junior Golf Program will not be tolerated.

Behavior that will result in a WARNING:
Improper attire (see Dress Code)
Lack of respect for others

Behavior that will result in DISQUALIFICATION:
Lack of respect for volunteers or officials
Damage to course or property
Throwing clubs
Obscene, abusive, or vulgar language
•       Bad attitude